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_Bonn has many faces, as the city has evolved historically from a Roman outpost to a pulsating centre of technology and science. Bonn is steeped in history, as its numerous historic monuments (among them Beethoven’s birthplace, Poppelsdorf Castle, the Elector’s Palace) recount.
Image: View of Rhine valley with Schloss Drachenburg
_At the same time, Bonn met the challenges of the 20th century head-on as the seat of the German federal government from 1949 to 1999. The symbiosis of modern and antique elements can be found throughout the city, but most impressively in the former government district, where utilitarian architecture meets baroque palaces and classicist villas.
Image: Beethoven statue and CAESAR (Center of Advanced European Studies and Research)
_A traditional as well as contemporary flair offers a delightful backdrop for fascinating events such as the “Beethoven Music Festival”, “Rhine in Flames” and internationally renowned exhibitions and concerts.
Motif: Post-Tower and Museum Mile
_As Rheinwerk 3 is merely a few minutes drive from the centre of the city, one can easily take part in a wide scope of cultural and leisure activities as one pleases. Furthermore, a multitude of attractive shopping possibilities are available in the city centre.
Image: University and City shopping

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